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Quality Policy

Elements Fitout Décor L.L.C is bound to become synonymous with commitment and quality. In Elements clients would find a reliable name keen on living up to professional and international standards, over and above a company with thorough understanding of the requirements of the local market.

Elements Fitout Decor applies a rigorous quality control discipline to their activities.

  •  Projects are also administered and managed in accordance with these requirements.
  • Monitoring or the Quality System will be undertaken by the Quality Department and designated personnel within the organization. A periodic review will be carried out in the presence of the General Manager, who will authorize any corrective action to prevent the same source.


The preparation of the Project Quality Plan will be the responsibility of the Project Engineer and will be executed during mobilization. Reviews and updates will take place within each three-month period. The initial and subsequent issues of the Project Quality will be subject for review and approval by the General Manager.

Elements Fitout Decor has developed, and will continue to develop, procedures in manual form for quality control activities to ensure continuous improvement and customer confidence.

The technical requirements of the contract will be communicated to the personnel

  • Selective but effective issue of the specification and drawings.
  • Selective but effective issue of the project quality plan.
  • Frequent staff meetings and briefings especially for technically demanding operations.

It is understood that the technical requirements of the client, as defined in the specification will be integrated into the Elements Fitout Decor Quality System, and will take precedence over corporate standards where deemed necessary by General Manager.

Quality Control Plans (QCPs) will be prepared for activities which require such control under the specification, or where in the opinion of management, Quality would be adversely affected by the absence of such control.

QCPs will be prepared for relevant subcontractor activities and will ensure the testing and monitoring of their activities by witness and inspection.

Quality control on site will be expedited through the Elements Fitout Decor project team using Performa, which document the salient verifications and hold points.