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Residential Interiors

Today’s lifestyle asks for a lot of organization of personal life and personal spaces. Well planned interiors make a room look comfortable and inviting and also make it functional.
Efficient and optimum use of space serves to feel your home look spacious and a place to unwind when you come home tired from your work.  

At Elements Décor we design interiors according to client needs and lifestyle. Our design services include preparation of layouts, detailed drawings, color schemes and themes, furniture, lighting, air conditioning, network, electrically, safety, plumbing etc. Floor coverings, ceilings, wall finishes, furniture, cabinets/wardrobes, are also covered right from planning stage.

While our experience spans projects large and small, commitment to quality, detail and a thoroughly satisfied client base remains a common factor in all our projects. Elements décor partners you to create the environment you envision be it a space to reflect your personality, serve your lifestyle or address your business concerns!